Whole Human Project workshop at Holden High

On November 3rd, AK Kramer, founder of the Whole Human Project, presented a parent workshop on  “How to be an Ally to your Kids: Navigating the Gender and Sexual Orientation of Teenagers”. This was open to the Holden and church community. AK is looking forward to presenting follow-up workshops for parents too.

The Whole Human Project is a progressive approach to social/emotional and sexuality education for high school youth and their educators. The program combines 50 hours of professional development for teachers and over 100 hours of curriculum for students – all of which answers the question, ‘What does it mean to be a good human?’ We take students through ten learning modules ranging from community building and communication skills, to an analysis and celebration of gender and sexuality, to a non shaming look at sex and consent, and wrap the course up with a really intentional unit being an ally. It’s everything teens want to know and aren’t given the space to ask!

Find more about or class offerings Here.
Find more information about the Whole Human Project Here.