Wisdom and Guidance from Alumni

The annual Holden Alumni Panel was held on January 7th. Attendees spanned 40 years of Holden graduations. Each of our four panel members have traveled their own paths since graduation – careers, college, family life – and were keen to share their advice with the current students. The result was a grand exchange of information. Austin Roche (class of ’15), Keenan Isaacs (class of ’14), Rachel Dennis (class of ’13), and Bill Collins (class of ’75) shared what experiences brought them to Holden, what they gained from attending, and how Holden impacted their lives post high school. Austin is working for a turbine company, Keenan works for the California Conservation Core, Rachel is finishing up her 2 year degree at DVC and plans to transfer to Humboldt State in the fall, and Bill is a musician and music teacher getting ready for a reunion tour around the US and Europe with his old punk band MDC. Bill performed a song for the students that he wrote after graduating from Holden / CCAS: “Education is Dead! Long Live Alternative Education!”