Girls (and Allies) Who Code Club!

Do you like … the Interwebs? Games, apps, and social media? Reversing heteronormative gender roles? Robot armies? We will be introduced into the wonderful world of computer science and be able to create contextualized programs. The curriculum is broken into multiple levels to serve people with no experience and those who already know how to code. The beginner level uses Scratch, a visual program, created by MIT, and the more advanced level uses JavaScript. We’ll learn basic CS concepts, such as conditionals and loops, through project-based activities. We’ll also be exposed to soft skills such as writing, public speaking, leadership, teamwork, and networking. Students of any gender identity are welcome to join, as long as you solemnly swear that you are here to stick it to The Man and crush the patriarchy.

Girls (and Allies) Who Code meetings are happening on Tuesdays at 3:30pm.  It is shaping up to be a great size and a wonderfully diverse and supportive group.  We are so psyched!  Participating students should plan for each session to last about an hour to an hour and a half in this first semester.  It will be fun, interactive, and everyone (including students from other schools, adult staff, and parents!) is more than welcome to join in, regardless of gender identity.  (Even Tuesday clean-up crew kids should feel free to pop in once Jason releases them.)  ABSOLUTELY NO COMPUTER EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  We will all learn together!

Leader: Katie Montgomery