Why Your Teen May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep

how much sleep does my teen need

Is Your Teen getting enough sleep?

If your teen complains about feeling tired during school, new science may explain why.

Is my teen getting enough sleep?” It’s a question parents of teenagers are asking all around the Country. Sadly, the answer is typically, NO! Most start times for high schools around the country mimic the average adult work day. Since most working adults also complain about getting a lack of sleep, it’s easy to see the correlation.

Recent research on adolescent sleep and school start times has come out of the National Sleep Foundation and the University of Minnesota, leading to the recommendation that schools consider delaying their start times to 8:30-9:00.

In fact waking up later may be good for us all. Holden understands that teens who are forced to conform to an adult timetable may end up sleep-deprived, impairing physiological, metabolic and psychological health. But what’s best for some schools may not work for others, and changing a school’s start time has broader implications than simply letting students “sleep in.” 

What happens when teens have a later school start time?

Read on to see why your bed-bound teen may not be “lazy or uncooperative” after all. Holden High does not force teens to fit into the conventional 9 – 5 day. Since implementing a 10:00 a.m. start time, students have experienced uplifted moods, along with a boost in physical and mental health. Teens also report an increase in overall happiness.

If you’re concerned that your teen may be suffering from sleep deprivation, you’re not alone. Parents across the United States say they feel the same way. We are passionate about helping teens and their families. The best way to determine if Holden is right for you is by visiting us in person. Schedule a tour or request a call from our Admissions Director. Call: 925-254-0199

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