Connected Collaborative Community

Holden is rooted in the alternative education movement. We recognize the importance of strong relationships with peers and adults for teen development. Since 1969, Holden High School has embraced students and families into our connected, collaborative community.
Connected Collaborative Community Alternative Private High School

 Staff and students develop strong relationships through:

  • Weekly, student-run Community Meetings. The entire community meets to share announcements, concerns, praises, apologies, and support.
  • Elective classes. Many classes focus on personal growth, exploration, and development.
  • School-wide community service. Students engage in community service as a school once a year and complete 30 hours individually.
  • Individual Resource, Exploration, and Support (RES). Weekly individual meetings with a counselor that are student-directed and focus on exploring interests, getting emotional support, understanding personal relationships, and creating change through conscious choices.
  • Student Council.  A student-elected group that welcomes new students, creates school spirit events, and weighs in on important school decisions.
  • Family RES. Meetings with a family counselor and the student’s RES counselor can help in family communication, mediating conflicts about rights and responsibilities within the family, and /or changing patterns of interaction.  Eight meetings are included in tuition.

About Holden ReS Counselors

Our skilled counselors volunteer their time and energy to help students thrive at Holden. Our counselors are enrolled in or have graduated from accredited Masters programs in clinical psychology, and are furthering their training under supervision by licensed psychotherapists. To read more about our RES counselors, click here.

Is Holden Right For You?

For over 40 years, Holden has been a safe haven for teens. Most of our students find us after a long, exhausting search for an alternative to traditional school settings. We are broad of our successful track record helping a broad range of learners. Every family is unique. Schedule a visit to determine if Holden is a fit for your teen and family.

Bay Area Alternative High School

For resources and more information on how Holden works with specific issues such as anxiety, school phobia, and depression click here.