Holden fosters success in an empowering learning environment

Academics at Holden

Because It is critical for students to learn within an engaging classroom setting, the academics at Holden prepare students for college class based learning, and current work trends. Holden academics emphasizes teamwork, group problem-solving, and collaboration.

As a result, Holden is the best of all worlds because we offer small classes, community education, one-on-one support, and the opportunities to learn using online platforms. Our approach sparks a love of learning and prepares young people for life and learning after high school.

Since we recognize that people learn in social, creative and emotional ways, Holden provides an environment that encourages this approach. The outcome are young people who develop trust within their community. Resulting in students who open up to their full range of their abilities and interests.

Small class sizes:

Average class sizes of 4-12 students. Small classes foster greater engagement, reasoning, interpretation, and critical thinking skills. Teachers are able to differentiate lessons and class plans to meet individual and group needs.

Flexible learning environment:

Students who are strong academically are challenged and able to move through high school credits at a fast pace. Those who struggle academically are able to find success at a pace that works for them. Every student is encouraged to learn in whatever style suits them. We measure academic success by the depth and quality of comprehension.

Academics at Holden

Earn high school credit outside of school:

Holden offers students the opportunity to earn independent credits for learning that takes place outside of school hours.

Engaging Curriculum:

Classes are discussion and project based. Teachers are empowered to create and adjust curriculum to engage students’ interests and move them forward academically.

Preparation for life:

Our Transition/College Counseling Program ensures that each student has a concrete plan when they leave Holden. Through college application guidance, local San Francisco Bay Area internships, job skills training, and in depth self-exploration, we prepare students to make and take successful steps after high school.

Academics at Holden

No more homework battles:

Homework at Holden is reasonable. We teach and inspire teens to take ownership of their learning. Students receive meaningful homework that meets their specific educational needs and furthers classroom learning. Our program has had great success in teaching homework-averse students to take responsibility for class work and in preparing them for the reality of college and vocational programs.

Students are safe and accepted:

Students who have experienced emotional or physical bullying find safety and acceptance within the student community.

Learn to love learning:

Students who have developed a negative relationship to school because their learning styles have not been met are able to rekindle their innate curiosity.

Academics at Holden


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. Y.B. Yeats “In short order Holden ended our homework battle.”  -Parent