Virtual Alt Fair is an excellent resource for teens and young adults seeking alternatives to college. Holden High School is proud to co-sponsor the 2020 Alternatives to College Fair.

Transition Program:
Future Steps, Preparation for Life.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? -Mary Oliver

Holden believes that preparation for post-high school life is incomplete without the skills, tools, and experiences students receive through our Transition Program. Many young people who have struggled in traditional settings develop self-limiting beliefs about what they are capable of in the world. Such beliefs can keep students from investing in their studies, taking ownership of their lives, going to college, or even applying for jobs or internships.

Holden’s Transition Program provides the skills and tools students need for their post-high school lives. The Transition Program works to help students realize their real-world strengths and gifts through counseling support, engagement in the broader community through internships, jobs, and community service opportunities, and the formation of a concrete post-high school plan.

Transition support includes:

  • Grade Level Projects. With staff support, students complete projects of their own design leading to a job or internship and a plan for life after high school.
  • Dreams, Passions, & Visions (DPV). A class about self-exploration and pursuing a great life. Students create vision boards, build support teams, make resumes, learn to name their skills, look for jobs, volunteer and internship opportunities, and do many self-exploration exercises.
  • College Empowerment.  It provides students a supportive environment in which to discover their options and commiserate with peers. Students gain a better understanding of the college admissions process, test-taking skills, and perspective on different colleges and college life. Together we make sure students choose schools that are the right fit, take steps to fulfill admissions requirements, and create the best possible versions of applications.
  • Focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL). The 5 tenets of SEL (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making) are woven into the fabric of the school and supported by all programs, classes, and staff.
  • Dedicated Staff.  Our Transition Counselor and College Counselor lead the effort with the student with the help and involvement of the Advisory Leaders, Resource, Exploration, and Support counselors, and other teaching staff. Our counselors meet with individual families to develop vocational and college plans as well.