Help for Teenage Depression

Help for teenage depression

Depression in teens causes a variety of challenges for young people and their families. We help teens and families navigate these challenging times. Holden is a progressive, alternative education solution. We foster academic success in a non-stigmatized environment. If you know or are a teen who suffers from depression, you are not alone. We are here to help.

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How Holden Helps 

  • 100+ collective staff years of experience in working with students who have experienced depression.
  • All students receive weekly one-on-one counseling that is integrated into their school days.
  • Eight optional family counseling sessions included in the cost of tuition.
  • Coordination with outside support (therapists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists).
  • A strong emphasis on personal growth and community, with many elective self-exploration groups and classes.
  • Small classes and strong staff support, with three licensed Marriage and Family Therapists on site.
  • A powerful transition program helping students set up internships and summer jobs, get into college, or figure out post graduation plans.

Schedule a tour Holden High School

The best way to determine if Holden is a fit for you teen is to Schedule a campus visit or arrange for a phone consultation with our Director of Admissions, Kristin Lamoureux, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Email: or call: 925-254-0199

“Holden is the first school I actually want to be at.”  – Student

Quick Tips for identifying and managing teenage depression:

Is your teenager feeling isolated, angry, or unmotivated? 

These symptoms are often indications that your son or daughter is depressed. Holden High School understands that depression in teens looks very different than it does in adults. We are the only and oldest Bay Area school with the expertise in both treating teenage depression and in helping families navigate these challenging times.

7 Effective Ways To Help Your Teen Overcome Depression

• Change in environment
• Talk therapy
• Healthy relationships with adults and peers
• Group therapy
• Family therapy
• Community/Connection
• Medication

Bay Area teenage depression

Bay Area teenage depression: we are here to help.