Support for LGBTQ Teens

Many LGTBQ students face unique challenges in school. As a result, they are more likely to face bullying and harassment leading to poor grades, higher dropout rates and homelessness. Safe and affirming schools are a core element of student success.

Support for LGBTQ teens


Holden is a place where LGBTQ teens (and all students) are inspired and encouraged. Too often, school is a place where lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning students are bullied, harassed, and feel afraid. Students in a state of fear don’t learn well and bullying can result in lasting emotional wounds.


Since, Holden High School is a school where there are many “out” staff. At Holden, “Coming Out Day” is celebrated. If you would like to attend a school where you are encouraged to be who you are? Then come CHECK US OUT!

Bay Area Independent Study Home-School Student

support for lgbtq teens“I came out as gay on social media in the 8th grade. But, after some soul searching and deep diving with my therapist, I uncovered that I did not identify as female.

When I first arrived at Holden, I was awkward and insecure. As a kid, I was diagnosed with ADHD and began treatment for mental health concerns.

Today, I’m very comfortable in who I am and I love learning again. I couldn’t imagine getting to this space without Holden.

At Holden, I’m not “the  transgender teen with ADHD,” I’m Andrew B. I have great relationships with my teachers and the Directors. They don’t talk down to me, they talk to me. It’s a big shift from what I experienced in middle school.

I’m excited to start at Michigan State this fall. I couldn’t have done it without Katie Montgomery, Holden’s Transition Program Counselor.

Katie helped with every aspect of the college application process. My parents didn’t go to college, so without Katie, I wouldn’t have had anyone to guide me through the process.”
– Andrew B.

Because they feel alienated and unsafe, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning students are five times more likely to skip school. Also, they are only half as likely to pursue post-secondary education. Because of this, Holden provides a safe haven for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning youth. We’ve been educating young people in a small, nurturing, academic environment since 1969. Our students experience social emotional growth and achieve academic confidence.


  • A positive classroom environment
  • An integrated social emotional growth curriculum
  • An emphasis on community
  • A small teacher to student ratio
  • Respectful relationships between teachers and students
  • An inspiring and unique academic program

“For my 2 ½ years of traditional high school, I became very accustomed to being called fag, and homo. (And other such delightful names.)  But this wasn’t the case at Holden.  There are an abundance of staff members who are queer and open about it….  Holden has become a place for kids of different races, genders, sexualities, and backgrounds to come together and learn with and from each other.  So, Holden was a very safe place for me….”         — Holden alumnus

“As an openly gay teacher, I have found that the students at Holden have shown me a great deal of respect as an educator and as a human being as well.  I have never experienced the level of comfort between Holden students and staff anywhere else.  This positive relationship has enriched the students’ overall academic experience & enhanced their personal growth.”                   — Martin Sorrendeguy

Since, the best way to determine if Holden is a fit for your family is to visit our campus, we invite you to arrange a tour.

Bay Area Independent Study Home-School Student