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Holden is more than a WASC accredited private high school. It’s a revolutionary learning community where positive relationships between students, teachers, and staff transform students from the inside out. Join the High School revolution.

High School Revolution


Since 1969, we have helped teens overcome limiting self beliefs and unlock their incredible potential. Schedule a tour to see if Holden is a fit for you. 

How is Holden different? 

Holden is different because we build genuine relationships with our students. We believe that learning does not begin until students feel seen, heard, and truly understood. Every student learns differently. Our small class sizes enables teachers to find the best way to ignite student’s innate passion for learning.

Is Holden A Fit For You? 

Our students have one thing in common: traditional school isn’t working. We best serve students who feel disconnected and uninspired in mainstream school settings. It’s impossible to categorize all of our students, however we generally serve students with the following backgrounds:      


Small class sizes help keep kids focused. Our teachers also customize lessons to appeal to students’ interests and keep them engaged.

Social and School Anxiety:

Weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions help kids work through their emotions. Our small, safe, supportive campus minimizes the stressors typically found in traditional school settings.

High School Revolution

Learning Differences:

Holden teachers are trained to work with students with mild learning challenges.

Transition from Boarding School and Treatment Programs:

Holden is an ideal bridge to help teens reintegrate into school in a welcoming, loving learning environment.

Accelerated & Gifted Learners:

Our customized curriculum allows students to learn at their own pace – which is essential to keeping gifted learners engaged. 

High School Revolution


Weekly one-on-one therapy sessions are designed to support teens who struggle with depression that leads to limited success in school, peer relationships, or have had difficult life experiences.


Since 1969, Holden has been a haven for teens who are questioning, and/or identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender. Our small community of supportive peers and adults gives students a safe place to explore their identity in a safe environment.

Join the High School revolution.

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