Is Holden Right For You?

Holden High School is a top rated alternative educational experience. Founded in 1969 on the premise that the best way to educate young people is in a small, caring environment where each student is known and valued.

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Is Holden Right for you?


Holden provides a student-centered educational experience that embraces diversity and nurtures students’ unique gifts and talents. Our students are bright and curious. Many have mild to moderate learning differences, have struggled in mainstream school settings, or are affected by anxiety and/or depression or other challenging circumstances. Above all, Holden provides a caring, empowering learning environment for Bay Area teens.

Is Holden right for you?

1. Engaged Academics 

We work successfully with a broad range of learners because believe that learning is a process of discovery. As a result Holden students learn to:

  • Ask questions
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Voice their opinions
  • Seek their own knowledge
  • Think critically and independently

For these reasons, when students graduate from Holden, they do so with academic confidence, a passion for learning, and plans for their futures.

2. Low Stress Environment

Students feel good about learning because they form strong bonds with teachers and staff which allows them to advocate for their academic needs.

3. Tight Knit Community

Because Holden is rooted in the alternative education movement, we recognize the importance of strong relationships with peers and adults for teen development. As a result, staff and students develop strong relationships through individual and group activities.

4. Preparation for Life

Holden’s Transition Program provides the skills and tools students need for their post-high school lives. Because the Transition Program works to help students realize their real-world strengths and gifts, we provide counsel, support, and connections to the broader community. This often results in internships, jobs, and community service opportunities. As a result, each graduate leaves with a concrete post high school plan.


“Holden is the first school I actually want to attend.”  -Student

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