Is Holden Right For You?

Each year we accept diverse, bright, and curious students to be part of our rich learning community.

Bay Area Alternative High School

Holden is a private, alternative educational experience. In your search for a school as unique as your child, we invite you to experience Holden for yourself.

Holden is great fit for students who:

  • Thrive in smaller academic environments
  • Need a school to fit them instead of vice versa
  • Desire to have genuinely respectful relationships with their teachers
  • Need a safe environment because they have been bullied or have not found acceptance
  • Have mild to moderate learning differences
  • Desire to pursue an interest or passion through internships

Bay Area Alternative High School

1. Engaged Academics in a Low Stress Environment

At Holden we work successfully with a broad range of learners. In our classrooms, learning is a process of discovery: students learn to ask questions, advocate for themselves, voice their opinions, seek their own knowledge, and think critically and independently. When students graduate from Holden, they do so with academic confidence, a passion for learning, and plans for their futures.

  • Small class size (4-12 students per class)
  • Mixed grade level classes
  • Manageable homework load
  • Seminar style classes and experiential opportunities for learning
  • Credit for learning done outside of school hours
  • 10 am start time
  • No fail school: students earn credit for the work they complete

2. Connected Collaborative Community

Holden is rooted in the alternative education movement. We recognize the importance of strong relationships with peers and adults for teen development. Staff and students develop strong relationships through:

  • Weekly, student-run Community Meetings
  • School-wide community service
  • Individual Resource, Exploration, and Support (RES)
  • Student Council
  • Family RES

3. Transition Program: Future Steps, Preparation for Life

Holden’s Transition Program provides the skills and tools students need for their post-high school lives. The Transition Program works to help students realize their real-world strengths and gifts. We provide counsel, support, and connections to the broader community through internships, jobs, and community service opportunities. Each graduate leaves with a concrete post high school plan.

Transition support includes:

  • Grade Level Projects
  • Dedicated Transition Classes (College Empowerment & DPV)
  • Focus on Social Emotional Learning
  • Dedicated Staff (College and Transition Counselors)
“Holden is the first school I actually want to attend.”  -Student

If you’re searching for a school as unique as your teenager, let’s connect! Email us at or call 925-254-0199