Holden High Testimonials

“Thank you for giving me my son back.” -Parent of Holden Graduate


San Francisco East Bay Private High School Student“Holden has given me the opportunity, and motivated me, to do new things: an on-line class, attend Berkeley City College, and do an internship in Nicaragua editing videos.” -Benjamin Bank, Holden graduate




“My son really loves Holden, and has smiled more in the last few weeks than in the last year. He is also showing interest in areas he has not before; you’ve sparked something I was not sure was there. We are so very grateful to you and all the staff!!!” -Parent of current student


San Francisco East Bay Private High School Student

“I have matured in ways that wouldn’t have been possible without the community at Holden.” -Brandon Webb, Holden graduate





“Before I went to Holden, I was home-schooled. My mom and I visited Holden and thought it was laid back. I have learned concepts I would previously called ‘impossible’. I like Holden because the teachers are very interactive with the students. My previous teachers only taught math one way and I thought it was very hard. My teachers at Holden have made me excited about my math homework! This school is really special.” – Justine, Holden Student


“Lee not only survived the adolescent experience, he thrived and grew up in ways that Michelle and I could never have imagined. Almost overnight, he metamorphosed from a disgruntled outsider to a kid with a purpose, and, even more remarkably, he developed a nearly insatiable appetite for knowledge.The role that CCAS (Holden) played in his maturation was instrumental and we will be forever in their debt. They not only helped to educate Lee, they gave him validation as a person.” -Parent of Holden Graduate

San Ramon Private High School Student“I consider my teachers both teachers and friends.  There’s a high level of mutual respect and they always make time for me.” – Lucy Rhome, Holden graduate (Attended Willamette university after graduation)




“Thanks for all your help getting me started in college. I am planning to work on family issues and health care politically and through public policy.”
-Holden Graduate (holds a BA in Child and Adolescent Development from SF State)


“My very intelligent daughter was pulling a 0.00 GPA at public high school when we transferred her to Holden. The school, the staff and students changed her life! Once clinically depressed, she is now vivacious and ready for her next adventure studying abroad in Santiago, Chile! I couldn’t be more impressed with CCAS (Holden), especially its wonderful directors.” -Parent of Holden Graduate


San Ramon Danville Private Alternative High School“Academics are easier for me because there aren’t 30 kids per class, there’s like 8, and sometimes less.  I get a lot of positive attention.  I also get a lot of choice here and the classes are cool and interesting.” -Keenan Isaacs, Holden graduate



This is the only school I’ve actually wanted to be in . . . People accept you for who you are. -Holden Graduate


“Holden High has been an answer to my prayers. When we came to Holden, we were a family in crisis. The staff and counselors at Holden helped us get through some rough times. We were able to stop pathologizing our daughter’s behaviors and start to look at them as “normal teenage” behavior. Her self-esteem, her love of writing, and her joy of learning have been restored.” -Parent of Holden Graduate

Danville San Ramon Private High School Student

“In public school the teachers didn’t give me any individual attention.  When I came here I got a bunch of one-on-one help.  At Holden, teachers really want you to succeed and they’re willing to put in the extra time to see that you do.” -Aaron Becker, Holden graduate



The student to teacher ratio is great!  You get a lot of one-on-one conversation and receive a lot more support than at other schools.


“Holden has cultivated empathy and compassion for others in both of my kids which helps them to be better human beings.” -Parent of current student and Holden alumnus


“I would never have made it this far in my life without the love and support of all of you.” -Holden Graduate (holds a BA in Economics and Accounting from Cal State East Bay)


“Holden, as anyone who knew me when I got there or before will attest, changed my life in many ways. The small atmosphere and wide mixture of subcultures left me and many other students feeling more at home than we’d ever felt in school before, and the loose environment allowed for the freedom of thought needed to be creative, assertive and happy.” -Holden Graduate (holds a BA from Dominican University)


“Holden serves its students by a multitude of means. For some it provides a sanctuary for those who need an escape from troubled lives. For others, it is a place for possible future artists to reach their full potential and harness their complete ability. These are just two examples of the vast amount of ways it helps its students. For me, though, it has given me a feeling of both independence and confidence, enabling me to face the outside world and reach my own potential.” -Holden Graduate

Bay Area Independent Study Home-School Student