It’s a radical thought:  Provide a high school experience that teens enjoy…even love!

Welcome to Holden High School

For many young people who have struggled in school, the issue is not their capacity to learn, but a negative relationship to “school”.  Many students have developed an aversion to school and learning over the course of years of busy work, standardized tests and curriculum, lack of connection and sense of community, not being seen, understood, or respected.  For 50 years, we have been radically changing young people’s relationship to school and learning, sending lifelong learners out into the world.

Holden High School is a private, non-profit, WASC-accredited high school that has been addressing the academic and social emotional needs of teenagers since 1969. Our student body comprises up to forty students in grades nine through twelve with a student-teacher ratio of 5:1 or better.

Students come from all over the Bay Area, from cities like Concord, Oakland, San Ramon, and reflect its diversity.

Our small class sizes and personalized environment foster the development of trust within our community and encourage students to open up to the full range of their abilities and interests. Personal relationships between students and staff allow us to work meaningfully with each teenager who enrolls. The Holden community connects through field trips, lunches, special events, group problem-solving and decision making, as well as through day-to-day curriculum and interaction.

The best way to know if this unique, vibrant community would be a good fit is to come visit.

Kate, Kristin, Abby, and Jenn
(The Co-Directors)

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