Meet Colette, a student at Holden High School

Each quarter, we like to feature a Holden High School student. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Colette, a student at Holden High School! Read on to discover how joining our small, caring community gave her the confidence to pursue college after graduation.

Holden High School, Orinda student


What grade are you in

“I’m a junior!”

What is it like attending such a small school?

“It’s like being at summer camp, but with learning. I really like it. It lets me get to know everyone. Feels like a family.”


What was school like before you began attending Holden?

“I went to a tiny private middle school and when I graduated, I wanted to see what it was like to go to a big school. So, I started going to a local, public high school with over 3,000 kids! 

I hated it. There were lots of fights, I was always stressed out, and my teachers really didn’t seem to care about me. Probably because there were just so many other kids to worry about. I missed being in a small environment and knew I wanted a change.”


Student at Holden High School

Why did you choose Holden?

“As soon as I came in for a tour, I knew I wanted to be here. It just felt right. I loved the super small campus and I loved meeting Kristin [Holden’s Admissions Director]. When she explained that Holden is the right school for kids who want real, meaningful relationships with their teachers, I knew that that was exactly what I wanted. Everything she described is what I get here at Holden.”


How has Holden impacted your life?

“I’m a better person now and I’m more prepared for college. Before I came to Holden, I was super anxious. My weekly RES [counseling] sessions at Holden have really helped lower my anxiety. I have a therapist I see outside of school, but I love that most of the counselors at Holden are younger. They are more relatable. They give me some good tools to deal with my anxiety.”


What are your plans for your life after high school?

“Because of Holden, I definitely want to go to 4-year college, but I might start at a 2-year college and then transfer. After college (and maybe even during) I’d love to work as an artist or a model.” 

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