MFT Counseling Internships

NOTE: We are not accepting Trainee applications at this time.

Counselors are a valuable resource and an integral part of the Holden staff team. The Counseling Program supports, challenges and enriches the lives of students, parents and their families.

Associates learn to be therapists alongside a multi-disciplinary staff, and get to work with the fantastic, diverse and creative teenagers that make up our community. Holden emphasizes personal, social, emotional, creative, and spiritual growth as well as academic development.

Holden is a highly dynamic and vibrant milieu setting, where Counselors work with students both individually and in groups. Counselors get a great deal of support from group and individual supervisors, as well as freedom to be innovative and creative.

We ask Counselors to commit to a minimum of 24 hours per week (normally three 8-hour days, although you may be able to do some ½ days). Mondays are required for all staff from 9am-5pm. Any partial days must include a 9am or 4pm hour, so that you are available for family meetings. This is a volunteer position with a stipend.

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