Counseling Program

Counseling Program


Holden’s Resource, Exploration, & Support (RES) program is founded on the idea that all humans learn and grow in connection and relationships with those around them. Our RES counselors form supportive relationships with our students. Our counselors become allies and advocates of our students while also giving them time to explore their inner worlds.

Resource, Exploration, and Support (RES)

Weekly individual meetings with a Marriage and Family Therapist associate or trainee  focuses on self-exploration through discussion, art, music, or movement.  RES is student–directed and can include: working with creativity; exploring passions; getting emotional support; understanding personal relationships; examining thoughts and beliefs; and creating change through conscious choices.

Family Resource, Exploration, and Support

It takes a village!

Families are welcome to take advantage of the wealth of experience and expertise of our staff and can schedule up to eight non-academic meetings each year. These meetings can be used for family therapy, family mediations, and/or goal setting.

Parent Support Meetings: A confidential space to talk about raising teenagers. Offered on the 2nd Monday or Wednesday of each month (6:30pm) and facilitated by our Clinical Director, Jenn Polse Payne.

About Holden Counselors

Our counselors are enrolled in or have graduated from accredited master’s program in Clinical Psychology, and are furthering their training under supervision by licensed psychotherapists. They volunteer their time, energy, and skills to help students thrive at Holden.  Counselors participate in Holden’s Counselor Training & Internship Program for one (or occasionally two) school year(s).