Weekly One-On-One Counseling


Each Holden Student Benefits From Individual Weekly
Social-Emotional Support

Holden’s counseling program is founded on the principle that all humans learn and grow in connection with those around them. Our RES (Resource, Exploration, and Support) counselors form supportive relationships with students and become their allies and advocates.

Special Circumstances

We want to ensure that Holden is a good fit for all our students. If a prospective student has been in a treatment program or hospitalized, a Holden counseling supervisor must speak with their program or therapist to be considered for acceptance.

Unfortunately, Holden is not structured to serve students with medically diagnosed psychoses or psychotic features, those who need line-of-sight supervision, have aggressive behavioral issues, or are currently in crisis.

How weekly counseling at Holden works

Students attend weekly individual meetings with a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, supervised Marriage and Family Therapist Associate or Trainee to focus on self-exploration through discussion, art, music, or movement.

Counseling sessions are 30 – 60 minutes long, student-directed, and can include:


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