The Arts At Holden

Holden fosters success in an empowering learning environment

Art at Holden

Visual Arts

Creative expression is an integral part of a Holden student’s education. We offer students the opportunities, tools, direction, and encouragement to express and enhance their creativity and talent.

Art at Holden High School

Mixed Media Arts

We believe that the arts can provide healing, stimulate students creatively, and enhance critical thinking. Holden offers various elective art classes, including painting, drawing, black and white, digital photography, sculpture, and collage.



Our music program is customized to meets the experience level and needs of the student body.

We offer small, semi-private band classes where students play/learn guitar, piano, accordion, and drums, all while learning songs and building repertoire. There are jam sessions at lunch and after school where students can, in their way, hone their skills and apply what they have learned in classes. Our music program builds self-esteem in a fun, carefree, experimental, and creative way.

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