The Arts

Art at Holden


Creative expression is an integral part of a Holden students’ education. We offer students the opportunities, tools, direction and encouragement to express and enhance their creativity and talent. Self exploration, self expression, cooperation and collaboration with others are encouraged in all of the art classes.

Art at Holden High School

We believe that participation in the arts can provide a method of healing, stimulate students creatively and enhance their critical thinking, as well as help students to re-discover their interest in learning. The arts are incorporated with academic classes and students can also choose from a variety of elective art classes such as painting, drawing, black and white and digital photography, sculpture and collage.


The arts at Holden High School

We craft our music program to fit the needs of the student body. If a student has had ten years experience on the piano and need a class that supports him/her in developing that skill further, we will create something that fulfills that need; if a student has never picked up an instrument in their entire life, but wants to start now, we’ll have something for them as well.

Music is everywhere at Holden. In addition to the music classes we offer, there is music that happens spontaneously: pick-up jams with students and staff alike; kids making, then slapping beats in the art room; student-run free-style clubs; these are all very normal and encouraged activities at Holden.

We offer small, semi-private band classes where students play/learn guitar, piano, accordion, and drums, all while learning songs and building repertoire. There are jam sessions at lunch and after school where students can, in their own way, hone their skills and apply what they have learned in classes. Our music program builds self-esteem in a fun, carefree, experimental, and creative way.

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